Where's our DH?

Before the season began they were speculation that the Yankees designated hitter Nick Johnson would provide offense on the 2 hole. Well they are right about one thing – it’s all speculative. Until now I couldn’t believe why the Yankees administration took a chance on a player who spends more time on the bench (recuperating) than on the baseball field. Sure Nick Johnson has a good on base percentage and yes he would be a perfect compliment to Derek Jeter on the top of the line-up but that is when he is healthy. That is not exactly the case.

This season Nick Johnson has only played 24 games and is only hitting .167, not a good performance coming from your DH. How I wish the Yankees has a time machine and get somebody else as a DH instead on the injured bug Johnson. They were a lot of options back then. There is Jonny Gomes who is hitting .291 with 9 homers. Eric Hinske is another option who has a batting average of .309 with 5 home runs. Or they could get anybody else for that matter as long as that player is “HEALTHY” and able to contribute to the team.

Now the Yankees are a man short and their bench is not as deep as it used to be. With injuries to regular stars like A-Rod and Posada plus the inconsistency of Mark Teixeira, the Yankees offense is experiencing power outage. Not unlike last year when they still have Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon plus a supportive bench.

The good thing about these unfortunate events is it is never too late for the Yankees to correct their mistakes. They can dig deep to their pockets and get somebody from a mid season trade. The Yankees have a chance to win another World Series if they add firepower from a trade. Will they do it? They better be or else they have to wait for Nick Johnson who might possibly get injured again when he comes back.