Gardner or Cabrera as starter for ALDS?

Take your pick. Would you go for the base stealer Brett Gardner or the strong defensive arm of Melky Cabrera? They have their pros and cons. Let's analyze their skills and you decide who will start in center field at ALDS.

Brett Gardner:

.270 AVE/3 HR/23 RBI/26 SB

  • Has tremendous speed. He is an adept base stealer and has solid baserunning instincts. He's good at picking spots and knowing when it's more valuable to the team to steal a base or to distract the opposing pitcher.
  • Gardner covers a lot of grounds in center field and has an average throwing arm.
  • He has outstanding plate discipline, draws a good number of walks, and uses the whole field while making consistent hard contact.
  • A valuable asset when his on base.
  • An exciting player. Always hustles and creates havoc to opponents.

Melky Cabrera:

.274 AVE/13 HR/68 RBI/10 SB

  • An outstanding defensive center fielder. Has a powerful throwing arm.
  • Switch hitter but has average power and speed
  • Known for his 3 walk-off wins early in the season. Can be a clutch player in the post-season.
So there you go. I've laid all the details for you. Which player would you pick to start at center field for the ALDS?

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