Put Hinske back in!

Okay, The Yankees finally made it to the World Series. But it' still not all over. The Yankees will be facing a good team, the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies have a powerful strong line-up headed with NL MVP Ryan Howard.

What do we need to do? First adjust the Yankees roster. The Designated Hitter spot will be waived in Games 3, 4, and if necessary Game 5 in Philadelphia. So we will be needing a lot of good Pinch Hitters.
Hideki Matsui is the primary option. But after Matsui who?
Brett Gardner's role is to pinch run in late games, Freddy Guzman has not been a factor in the ALCS.
Jerry Hairston Jr. can help but we need somebody off the bench that can hit with some pop.

Eric Hinske fills that role perfectly.
This guy has the tools to hit home runs and have a decent batting average. He even homered twice against the LA Angels (If only Hinske was in the roster, the Yankees might wrap the series in 5 games).
Hinske has been through the trenches of the American League East and played in the postseason. He knows what's is like to play in the World Series playing for Boston in 2006. Hinske has a lot of versatility and can play the infield corner positions and outfield corner positions.

And besides Eric Hinske still remembers the last pitch of Phillies closer Brad Lidge during his stint with the Tampa Bay Rays. Lidge made a strikeout to Hinske as the final out of the World Series in 2008 where the Phillies was crown as champions.
I am pretty sure Hinske wants to even the score when he gets the chance.

So my advice, maintain the roster intact. Just replace Freddy Guzman for Eric Hinske.
Hinkse will be a valuable weapon when it matters.

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