Is Cameron Diaz a distraction to A-Rod?

Spring Training is here. But before we really dig in to the Yankees development, let me give you something that could be a distraction to one of the the Yankees stars..... Alex Rodriguez.
As we all know the fame and personality of A-Rod have attracted a lot of women in the past. There was Madonna, then came Kate Hudson, and now there are rumors that A-Rod is dating Hollywood star Cameron Diaz.

The baseball pro was caught getting pretty cozy with Cameron Diaz at the CAA Party in Miami a couple of weeks ago. Pre-partying for the Super Bowl with friends Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at the W Hotel, Cameron seemed to be having a blast with A-Rod as the two danced the night away.

“They were having a great time,” a partygoer tells OK! while Cameron was, “grinding on A-Rod.”

According to the partygoer, a tipsy Cameron was being very, “fun and flirty,” with the Yankee player sitting on the couch beside her as she, “was dancing by herself and then turning into [Alex] some.”

Last year A-Rod had a monstrous season especially in the post-season overcoming his past failures. Some people say ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson is the reason why. Now Cameron looks like to be on board.... will A-Rod have the same effect?

To tell you the truth, I don't really care. It's not our business who A-Rod dates. Let him have his personal life to himself as long as he remained "the best" baseball player in the league. That's all our concern.

So my message to A-Rod; "just keep on swinging and blasting"!

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