Yankees has the most retired numbers

Do you know that the New York Yankees has the most number of retired numbers in Major League Baseball? They have retired 15 numbers for 16 players. Here are the list:

1 - Billy Martin 2B
3 - Babe Ruth RF
4 - Lou Gehrig 1B
5 - Joe DiMaggio CF
7 - Mickey Mantle CF
8 - Bill Dickey C
8 - Yogi Berra C
9 - Roger Maris RF
10 - Phil Rizzuto SS
15 - Thurman Munson C
16 - Whitey Ford SP
23 - Don Mattingly 1B
32 - Elston Howard C
37 - Casey Stengel M
44 - Reggie Jackson RF
49 - Ron Guidry SP

42 - Jackie Robinson (retired throughout the league)

The number 42 was retired throughout Major League Baseball in honor of Jackie Robinson on April 15, 1997, the 50th anniversary of his breaking the color barrier.
The day was declared Jackie Robinson Day, and would later be observed by all of baseball, with select players from every team wearing the number 42.
Mariano Rivera, the current closer for the Yankees still wears the number due to a grandfather clause and is the last remaining player to do so.

So that's 15 Yankee retired numbers plus the retired number of Jackie Robinson which make a total of 16. That means the Yankees now have only 84 numbers to choose from out of a 100. The Yankees have never issued number 0, the only two single-digit numbers that have not been retired are number 2, currently worn by team captain Derek Jeter, and number 6, last worn by former Manager Joe Torre.
If both numbers are ultimately retired, the team would become the first in baseball history to have all of the numbers 1–10 retired.

The Yankees are considering to retire additional numbers of several prominent figures who wore them in the past. This people are:

21 - Paul O'Neill RF (1993-2001) = Relief pitcher Latroy Hawkins briefly wore the number in the 2008 season but, on April 16, 2008, Hawkins switched to number 22 in response to the criticism he received by many Yankee fans.

51 - Bernie Williams CF (1991-2006) = The Yankees All-Star center fielder; He played his entire 16 year career with the Yankees.

35 - Mike Mussina SP (2001-2008) = nicknamed the Moose; Mussina played the last 8 years of his career with the Yankees.

6 - Joe Torre M (1996-2007) = Led the Yankees to 6 American League Pennants and 4 World Series Championships. In addition he managed the team to the postseason each year during his tenure as manager.

So that's another 4 numbers of the chart. With Andy Pettitte (46) close to retiring, and Mariano Rivera (42), Derek Jeter (2) and Jorge Posada (20) not far behind, the Yankees will seriously retire their numbers without a doubt. That's another 4 off the chart and a total of 8.
Less than a decade from now the Yankees might also retire the numbers of Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and CC Sabathia (if they continue their careers as a Yankee). Add another 3 numbers to it.

You got a potential of 11 retired numbers coming soon. Sooner or later the Yankee organization will run out of jersey numbers to play with. This is just to show how dominating this franchise is. The Yankees, time and time again, have managed to have great players to their team. That is why they have the most number of World Series Championships with 27 titles and still counting.
They remained competitive every year by getting good players.

So don't be surprise if you suddenly see a Yankee player in the field wearing jersey number 112. With 15 Yankee retired numbers plus a lot more coming, this scenario will become a possibility.

will there be a player in the future who has a jersey no of 162 or 103

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