The Freak in New York? Why not?

Two time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum, San Francisco's Ace is considered one of the best starting pitchers in the game today. Often called as "The Freak" for his long stride and unorthodox pitching mechanics. He also has the ability to generate high velocity pitches (sometimes 98-99 mph) despite his small frame 5'11" ,172 lbs.
Lincecum is still young (25 yrs old) and still has a long way to go on his illustrious baseball career.

This off-season Lincecum will pursue a one year deal with the Giants around $ 10 million or more. Lincecum is expected to handle his arbitration year by year in an effort to maximize his earnings. The Freak could reach CC Sabathia's salary $ 23 million or his fellow team mate Barry Zito $ 18 million sometime soon. Lincecum salary of $ 650,000 is considered pocket change and his value has zoomed way way up.
Lincecum is still under contract with the Giants until after the 2013 season ( 4 more years). But the Giants must give their Ace a good deal year after year or else... The Yankees will come in and get him.

Yes Folks. Even with Roy Halladay trade rumors swirling in, when it comes to the Yankees pitching is never enough. Although there are no rumors regarding the San Francisco's Ace pitcher and I'm pretty sure that the Giants will do anything to keep their No. 1 pitching phenom in their rotation.
But guys like the Freak doesn't come available all the time and the Yankees being a powerful and wealthy organization must not let this things go overlook. We should at least consider getting the Freak. So from this day forward I will keep all the Yankee fans out there informed about updates about the Freak. Won't you like to have a starting pitcher who is still young but can pitch like Sabathia and Halladay.

The only concern about Lincecum is his health in long term. Pitching experts say that Lincecum can't pitch effectively for the long haul because of his small physique and his body might not able to withstand the long innings being played by a regular starter. He is simply not as big as Sabathia or as tough as Halladay. In Science that theory may be true but in the world of baseball anything is possible. How many times did we see a young pitcher dominate then later falter the following year. Or how many times did we witness a star pitcher playing in a All-Star game who is not prioritized in the draft.

What I'm saying is why are those people concerned about the future so much and not think about the present. Tim Lincecum is hot. He is today's sensation. He is a pure strike-out artist with an elite fastball, curve, and change-up. Being a two time Cy Young Award winner is not something to crack at. He earned it and is capable of getting some more.

And for me, I would love to see the Freak playing for the Yankees. I'm sure the Yankee fans would welcome him with open hearts and the Steinbrenners would welcome him with open bank accounts.

The Controlled Fury in New York. Let's see what will happen in the future. We don't know what the crystal ball holds for the Yankees but one thing for sure that the Yankees won't mind having another tremendous pitcher like Lincecum in their rotation.

I will keep you posted on the Freak's status. That is if you like to have him.

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