Welcome back Javier!

The Yankees earlier said that they are going to get somebody to boost their starting rotation. That somebody turned out to be former Yankee Javier Vazquez. The Yankees traded Melky Cabrera, left-handed pitching prospect Michael Dunn, and another prospect Arodys Vizcaino to Atlanta for starter Javier Vazquez and reliever Boone Logan.

Last year, the Yankees were walking in a tight rope by only using 3 starters (Sabathia, Burnett, and Pettitte) in the post-season. They got lucky as they won the World Series championship. This coming season the Yankees don't want to rely on pure luck. That's why they got Vazquez even at the expense of some good Yankee players.

Mixed emotions and reactions was experienced as the trade was announced. Some say that Vazquez can't handle the pressures in New York. Some say that Vazquez doesn't belong in the American league and he is much better off in the National league. Some say that Vazquez won't recover the disappointing loss to the Boston Red Sox in the 2004 ALCS where he gave up 2 homers to Johnny Damon including a grand slam in the pivotal game 7. Blah, blah and blah......

For me, this is a good trade for the Yankees. Here's why:


With Vazquez at the fold, the Yankees have a formidable starting rotation for 2010. The Yankees is right there with the Red Sox. The Red Sox will have a rotation of Beckett, Lester, Lackey, Dice-K, Buchholz, and/or Wakefield. While the Yankees counters with Sabathia, Burnett, Pettite, Vazquez, Joba, and/or Phil Hughes.


Vazquez might have a terrible season with the Yankees in 2004 but that is just one season. Remember that he suffered an arm injury in the 2nd half of that season.
But aside from that, Vazquez is a consistent pitcher. He has double digit wins for the past 10 seasons and has a decent career ERA of 4.19. Vazquez has ace tools, he has a nice repertoire of dominant fastball, good curve and an outstanding change-up. He can dominate as a strikeout guy, doesn't give up many walks, and is very durable.
Vazquez is a proven innings-eater, throwing 198 innings or more in each of the past 10 seasons, topping 200 in nine of those years. Vazquez has also struck out 200 batters five times in his career, including each of the past three seasons.

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