John Lackey over Roy Halladay

People and Baseball fans are following the trade rumors thread of Roy Halladay. They are so attached to it that they forgot about what the Yankees need to sacrifice to get Halladay. As of today the Blue Jays are looking for a starter, a shortstop, and a catcher. I just don't like the idea of giving to much talents for just one player (even if I know that Roy Halladay will surely dominate in New York). And in addition to that Halladay would demand a salary like CC Sabathia (so much for the Yankees cost-cutting).

With so many hurdles and distractions for the Yankees to get an additional pitcher aside from Andy Pettitte coming back, I think it is better for them to go to a better route. A safer route....The Free agency.
And who better to go for than the top Free agent in 2010, former Angels Ace John Lackey. We all know that the Yankees are interested in Lackey but there are no serious talks yet.
The Yankees should consider getting Lackey than Halladay. Lackey is not as great as Halladay but he is not far behind. Lackey has good control of an excellent arsenal that includes above average heat, a slider, change and a great curve.

He is a top of the rotation workhorse and has been the Angels top gun for so many years now. What I like about John Lackey is his tenacity. He is a tough competitor and always wants to stay in the game to finish an inning. Remember that Lackey was upset when Angels Manager Mike
Scioscia pulled him out in the Game 5 of the ALCS. Just like Pettitte, Lackey wants the ball in his hands especially in crucial games. Lackey is a proven winner.

Lackey is looking for contract similar to AJ Burnett's ($16.5 million annually). The Angels only offered Lackey around $10-12 million. The Yankees should make an offer to Lackey somewhere in between of his demands and the Angels offer (maybe around $14-15 million) and locked him for 4-5 years. He is still at his prime and capable of playing competitively for another 4-7 years.

My only concern is why are the Angels not aggressive in signing their Ace. Remember that the Angels starting rotation would be thin if Lackey leaves. There might be a indication on the problem with his elbow. I don't know. I'm confused with the Angels' apparent willingness to let him walk, which some see as a sign that they know something about the health of his arm that others don't.

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