Jesus Montero; Yankees full time DH

Jesus Montero is the Yankees top prospect in their farm today. He's got power and is arguably the best pure hitter in the minor leagues. Montero has a power rate of 8 from a scale of 2-8 with 8 as the highest. His bat is ready for the big leagues however his defense is not....

The Yankees envisioned Montero to be their next everyday catcher but his size and defensive liability makes the organization worried if the youngster can play that position. Montero, at the age of 20, is outgrowing his position. He is 6' 4" high and is closing in to 245 lbs, that's pretty huge for a catcher. The normal and average size of a catcher is from 5' 10"-6" high and around 180 lbs.

Instead of forcing Montero to a position that most likely he will suffer why not place him in a spot where the Yankees can maximize his talents. Why not make Montero the team full time DH.
The Boston Red Sox use this approach by cementing their 40+ home run monster David Ortiz to the DH role. Ortiz comes to play for the Red Sox with one thing in mind... to hit. The Red Sox benefited from that as they remain competitive over the years.
The Red Sox don't care about their aging position players. Whenever guys like Manny Ramirez, Jason Varitek, Mike Lowell needs a rest they will let them have their "complete" day-off. But their DH is there almost every game to whack homers.

That is something the Yankees should consider. They too got old position players. Jorge Posada catching days are almost over, Jeter is getting up in age, and A-Rod is no spring chicken. This players needs rest through the course of the regular season to limit their injuries and to keep them fresh for the post-season. Why not give them a complete day off instead of a half day-off. Let the reserves like Ramiro Pena, Francisco Cervelli, Juan Miranda types to contribute and make their share. The beauty of it is the Yankees can use in full their DH, making that guy available every game.

Nick Johnson, the Yankees present DH, is not going to be there all the time. He is going to be a free agent after the 2010 season and most likely the Yankees won't sign him again.
Johnson always had a case of injuries throughout his career, you won't be surprise if he gets injured this season.
That is why it will be a good move to bring up Jesus Montero in the middle of the season and make him the full time DH thus making Johnson slide down to a reserve role (Johnson can play 1B and LF). Or Johnson can start in left field if one of the outfield guys (Gardner, Granderson, Swisher) have a slump. This makes Johnny Damon, who is a hot topic nowadays, dispensable.

Just look at the American league today, each team has their own full time DH. The Rangers signed Vladimir Guerrero, the Mariners have Ken Griffey Jr., the Athletics got back Jack Cust, the Angels stole away Hideki Matsui, the White Sox got Andruw Jones, the Twins have Jason Kubel, the Tigers have Carlos Guillen, the Royals got Billy Butler, the Indians still has Travis Hafner, the Blue Jays can use Adam Lind, the Rays has Pat Burrell, the Red Sox got Big Papi, and the Yankees have the newly acquired Nick Johnson.
Only the Orioles have a weak spot from their DH (they only got Luke Scott).

The Yankees generated a lot of good numbers when they made Hideki Matsui their full time DH last year. Matsui knees were weak but his bat was strong making him a threat to opposing pitchers. This year the role is given to Nick Johnson. Somewhere in the future we could see Montero getting the DH spotlight.

It is a big advantage to a slugger to know that your primarily role is just to hit. No need to play defense but just hit. It makes the player divert all his attention to batting and nothing else. With this he can be an expert in the hitting department.
David Ortiz made a killing, it is possible for Montero to follow that trend. Montero is still young and given time he could be the next or the best designated hitter in the big leagues.

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