Yankees taking their time

After completing their needs this off-season the Yankees now are taking their time.....

At the start of the off-season the Yankees put their attention on re-signing their reliable starting pitcher Andy Pettitte. With 3 pitchers already on board, the Yankees filled their weakness in the outfield by trading their prize prospects including Austin Jackson for Detroit's star center fielder Curtis Granderson.
With two objectives being achieved, the Bombers made their club more formidable by getting another star pitcher from a trade. The Yankees traded Melky Cabrera along with 2 minor league pitchers for Atlanta's Javier Vazquez and Boone Logan.

With Hideki Masui, the Yankees DH being out if the picture, Brian Cashman and company signed free agent and OBP slugger Nick Johnson to be their next designated hitter.
All of this transaction was done just in the month of December 2009. The Yankees fulfilled their area of concern from starting pitching to center field to their DH.
The Yankees have now a roster that can take any team in the coming 2010 season.

But one thing remains to filled.... their hole in left field. With Melky being traded there is a spot that is vacated. Brett Gardner can fill the hole in left but the Yankees said they want to get somebody (probably a right handed hitter) who can platoon for an outfield position.

The Yankees have a firm resolution that they have only $ 2 million to work with. As the day moves by another free agent outfielder gets away from the grasp of the Yankees. Guys like Marlon Bryd, Mike Cameron, Eric Hinske, and Jerry Hairston Jr was signed by other teams.
There are still a lot of good free agent outfielders out in the market. Johnny Damon is the most hottest topic and valuable free agent out there.

But there are a lot of free agents to choose from. Aside from Damon there is Rick Ankiel, Garrett Anderson, Rocco Baldelli, Jermaine Dye, Jonny Gomes, Reed Johnson, Xavier Nady, Gary Sheffield, Marcus Thames and Randy Winn.
Add more guys like Fernando Tatis, Endy Chavez, Chris Duncan and Robb Quinlan. So are a few infielders, like Felipe Lopez, who can play the outfield.

There seems to be no rush for any team — the Yankees or anyone else — to sign any of these guys. After all the Yankees are prepared for battle with their existing roster, and they are very talented even if they didn't get anybody else from the free agent pool. Like what they said they are ready to pencil in Gardner in left field. Question is are the Yankees content with this outfield line-up with no back-up or insurance when an injury might possibly occur somewhere in the season..... probably not.

That is why the Yankees needs to get somebody else to protect any possible setbacks in their outfield line-up. If I were the Yankees, I would increase my $ 2 million budget a little bit more.
This is just in case if there is a free agent who wants to be a part of the Yankees but wants a little more than $ 2 million. Damon is one guy that will be asking for more and to tell you honestly Johnny is far more better than the rest of the guys in the free agency pool.

I understand the Yankees goal to limit their budget and I support their mission to go young and athletic. But come on, $ 2 million? We all know the Yankees can do better than that.

Right now the Yankees are taking their time and not rushing things which I think is a great strategy. Who knows, Damon might eat his pride and come back to Yankees for a salary of just $ 3-4 million.
Good things comes to those who waits.... will that happen to the Yankees? We just have to wait and see.

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