Jonny Gomes as an insurance....

The Yankees are still at it. After signing Randy Winn to help fill their hole in left field and to complete their 2010 roster, the Yankees are considering of adding another slugger to provide insurance just in case a positional player flops or gets injured.
Jonny Gomes is one of the free agent who is on the Yankees radar.... that is if Gomes is willing to accept a minor league deal.

Since the outfield is already set with Curtis Granderson, Nick Swisher, Brett Gardner and the newly acquired Winn. There is no spot left in the 25 man roster. Therefore the only available position left is in the minor leagues.
If Gomes agrees on a minor league deal, he might compete for an outfield spot along with Rule 5 draft Jamie Hoffmann. Both Gomes and Hoffmann will see some time in Spring training.

This is a good move for the organization as it provides insurance and also bolster their minor league teams. If Gardner plays poorly or if Randy Winn gets injured, the Yankees will surely bring up their minor league players.... one possibility is Jonny Gomes. Other options are:

-Jamie Hoffmann (he has to see playing time or he will be sent back to the Dodgers)

-Juan Miranda (naturally a 1st base man but can play in left if needed; he can hit)

-Greg Olson (newly acquired but is still raw; needs more time in the minors)

-Nick Johnson (can play left if the Yankees bring up Jesus Montero and make him their DH)

Jamie Hoffmann is most likely to be a Yankee outfielder this season. The rest are just speculations.

It wouldn't hurt though if they add Gomes to their club. Jonny Gomes has great pure strength, which allows him to muscle the ball out of any Major League stadium. He is capable of hitting 20+ home runs if given enough playing time.
Gomes bats right and excels against left-handed pitching (a complimentary to Gardner). He is just 29 years old and is still on his prime. The Yankees can make Gomes as a platoon player in the outfield.

Let's just wait and see what will happen in the coming days. The Yankees will surely be glad having another home run threat to their organization.... even if he is listed in their minor league division.

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