Trade Carl Crawford now!

There are rumors although not serious that the Yankees should trade for Tampa Bay Ray's left fielder Carl Crawford. Crawford is going to be a free agent at the end of the 2010 season but some experts suggest that the Yankees should gun for him and not wait the free agency.

I don't think the trade rumor is real. First of all why would the Rays trade their star to a team that is within their division? That will be total catastrophe. It is like handing a pennant to the Yankees. If the Rays going to trade Crawford, they are going to do it when they are out of contention. And most likely they are going to trade Crawford out of their division (the National league perhaps).

One thing for sure, the Rays are not going to let him walk and get nothing. The Rays future plans is to build a team around Longoria and prospects, competitive yet cheap, just like Minnesota.
So if Crawford ask for more money, the Rays will be force to let him go (or better trade him before the season ends). Crawford will be looking for a 5 year $ 75 million dollar deal and that means that only a couple of teams will be in on him anyway. The Yankees and Red Sox will surely be active if Crawford is available.
The Rays are looking for a catcher prospect and a 1st base in case they lose Carlos Pena (who will be a free agent also). If the Yankees are interested they can offer catching prospect Austin Romine (not Montero please), 1st baseman Juan Miranda and some pitching prospect.

If amazingly the Yankees able to trade for Crawford, the Bombers can have a speedy and reliable defensive outfielders. Crawford will be position in left while Brett Gardner will be patrolling center. Curtis Granderson can slide down to right field.
This means the Yankees can trade Nick Swisher (who will be earning $ 9 million in 2011) and use the money for pitching.
The Yankees will not be a one dimensional team if that happens. They got power and speed in their line-up.

In order to improve the Yankees line-up (speed-wise) the Yanks should trade their prospects now and get Crawford for the 2010 season at a bargain rate. Crawford will earn $ 10 million this year and the Bombers must then trade Swisher before his limited no-trade clause becomes active in 2011 (may block deals to 6 clubs).
Crawford is much better than Swisher. Crawford 50+ base stealing skills is something the Yankees should not take for granted. Crawford is still young (28) and his speed and skills will be consistent for another 4-6 years.

If the Yankees get Crawford, they will be a run and gun team but also with home run power. Aside from Crawford, the Yanks have Jeter, A-Rod, Granderson and Gardner that can run and steal bases. That's more than one half of the Yankees line-up that can kill opponents with their quickness.

For this year the Yankees intention is to rent Crawford for the 2010 season. See how will things fare. By the end of the season and Crawford doesn't want to come back on Yankees' terms ( meaning a lot less than $ 15 million plus) they can let him walk.... and get somebody else like Jason Werth.
If Crawford demands a contract for more than 5 years, the Yankees should say no. Because that would take him well into those years past his prime where he won't even be able to steal bags anymore. But that's all in the future.

As for now, just be contented with our current line-up and don't expect to much on Carl Crawford playing with the Yankees. The probability is way way far from reality.

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