AJ Burnett and his Catcher

Who will be AJ Burnett catcher come play-off time?

AJ Burnett is a prized asset. Probably a No. 2 starter in the play-offs. Question is who will be his catcher? Jorge Posada? Their inability to work together has caused them trouble. During games, the two can rarely find a rhythm, and, during post-game interviews, the two rarely seem to agree on what the problems were.
There was one incident when Burnett says his curveball was great and he would've liked to go to it more often, and Posada says the curve was off that day, something is obviously not working. If the Yankees are to get 100% out of Burnett in the play-offs, it is better to have Jose Molina as his battery mate.
Problem is, Molina lacks batting power and play-offs experience. Molina will be a defensive upgrade and will throw out opposing runners, but the Yanks offense will have a significant drop. So it's a decision of Offense vs Defense.

I say let Posada catch for Burnett. These rift between the two are just media driven. There are games that we saw Burnett having a good game with Posada catching. All Burnett has to do is to execute properly. If A.J. Burnett doesn’t like Posada’s pitch selection, then he should just shake him off and throw what he wants to throw. It's his prerogative! But Burnett must make tough decisions. An effective Burnett would do wonders for this team's October chances.
Posada on the other hands needs to trust more on Burnett's pitch decisions and let him play.
Burnett and Posada need to use the rest of the season to get on the same page. Let Burnett and Posada work through their communication issues in AJ’s remaining starts.

Defense wins championships. Good Pitching will keep the opponents at bay while will give our offensive line-up an advantage to concentrate on producing runs.

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