Will you include Brian Bruney to a play-off roster?

Yankee manager Joe Girardi indicated that he will have 10-11 pitchers in the ALDS. The team don't need a lot of pitchers since it is a short series. We have 3 of our starting rotation (Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte). Plus 6 staple guys in the bullpen (Rivera, Hughes, Coke, Aceves, Joba, and Gaudin). That's a total of 9 pitchers.
With 1-2 pitchers to choose from, Girardi is considering adding another lefty (Damaso Marte) and/or power pitcher David Robertson (if he is healthy).

That means there is no spot left for Brian Bruney. Bruney was destined to be a set-up guy for Mariano Rivera during the start of the 2009 season. But injuries has kept him from doing that.
Bruney struggled for much of the season after spending two stints on the DL with elbow problems.

But that didn't stop Bruney. Since Aug. 7, Bruney has allowed just 3 earned runs over his last 18 appearances for a 1.69 ERA. And he received a standing ovation from the crowd after recording 5 key outs against the Red Sox for the division clincher.

There is still a chance for Bruney. So to top it off, here is what i can suggest for Bruney's status in the post-season. ALDS spot-No!, ALCS-Yes! What do you suggest?

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