Does the Yanks need Freddy Guzman in the Post Season?

Play-offs is almost near. While Joe Girardi is busy making his roster for the ALDS, why don't we analyze if it is essential to add another spedster in our line-up. Yes, we have Brett Gardner. But it is nice to have another man who can run the bases like a cheetah.
I am talking to no other than outfielder Freddy Guzman. This 28 year old switch hitter is in consideration for a postseason roster spot. And why not? Speed is important and base-stealing is the most under-rated in baseball. Our offense and defense is superb but we need an element of surprise like what Gardner brings to the team. Guzman can contribute too.

On the 20-80 scale, Guzman can be rated as "really fast". That is the main reason why he stayed employed through the years. His batting skills is not great but that won't be a problem. The rest of the line-up will answer to that. It's his speed that we need. That's all!
With the Yankees needing only 10-11 pitchers on the postseason roster (probably using 10 tops). The team could add a second speed threat to the bench with their extra spot.
A speed threat on the bench is a luxury in October, and one the Yankees can certainly afford. But can they spare two spots to speedsters? It seems as though Melky Cabrera is the starting center fielder, with Gardner coming in every once in a while, rather than any kind of set platoon. Freddy Guzman is one guy who can pinch run in close and late situations.

What do you think guys? Will you insert Freddy Guzman into the ALDS roster?

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