What Derek Jeter brings to the table

Captain Clutch! Mr. October! These are a few names that describes Derek Jeter. He is been known to deliver time and time again. So what does he gives to the Yankees? What does he need to improve on? Let's break down the details:


Clutch: A phenomenal clutch player. His instincts are also first-rate. A guy that can handle pressure and has been to many play-offs games.

Hitting: A .300 plus AVG hitter with very high on base percentage. Jeter aggressively attacks pitches early in the count, but has shown patience when he needs to. His ability to stay inside the ball and let it get deep is well documented. Jeter will use the whole field, but his power stroke is the opposite way. He effectively inside-outs many of these pitches and is capable of getting the bat head out front when needed. Jeter has tremendous gap-to-gap power.

Baserunning: Jeter is a plus runner who takes the extra base. Very efficient on the base-paths.
He can steal a base if he needs to.

Needs to Improve:

Fielding: Age is finally catching up on Jeter. He must compensate his diminishing skills by positioning well on the field and be more assertive. Jeter moves better to his right, where he is able to backhand balls in the six-hole before leaping to make his signature jump-throw across the diamond. His move to his left is what he needs to improve on.

Maximizing his talents: Jeter strikes out a bit too much for a lead-off hitter. The Captain should look for more good pitches.

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