Yankees stealing bases

The Yankees added another dimension to their arsenal this season, Stealing bases. This isn't their regular approach, and for good reason, with the bats they have especially in the middle of the order, it could be very costly to run out of a big inning. But it wouldn't hurt if we steal a base or two. Stealing bases place runners into scoring position. And with the offense that we have, this will add more runs to our team.
We don't have superb base stealers like Jacoby Ellsbury, Carl Crawford, or Chone Figgins. Neither are the Yanks a running team compared to the Angels. But they steal bases when it matters the most. Do you know that the top 4 Yankee basestealers have an 86% success rate whereas a team like the Angels has only a 73% success rate from their top basestealers. This is proof that the Yankees steal bases when it makes sense. The Yankees can run when the opportunity presents itself, and our guys are smart enough to go only in situations where they can be highly successful.

This is also a shout-out to the Boston Red Sox, whom the Yankees might face in the ALCS. Boston's biggest weakness is their catchers (Varitek & Martinez are terrible at throwing out runners). The Yankees will steal a base every chance that they get. They are like Great White Sharks. If they smell blood, they will attack and go for the kill.

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