Winner of Tiger-Twins series will face the Mighty Yanks in ALDS

Who would you want the Yankees to face in the play-offs? The Tigers or the Twins? The race is close in the American League Central. While the Yankees are relaxing and trading pie recipes, the 2 teams are battling it out and putting a lot of energy from the star players.

For Detroit: Pitcher Rick Porcello and Cy Young contender Justin Verlander needs to use their power arms just to get into the play-offs. Team manager Jim Leyland is aware that their ace Verlander has pitch "nine" 120-pitch games. The most by any pitcher in any of the past 4 seasons.

For Twins: They have to use another starter either Carl Pavano or Scott Baker. Not the dominant pitcher we are looking for. They need rest and don't have that luxury.

It's a tough task to these 2 teams. The winner at the end of the season would then have to hop on a plane after the game and fly to New York to play the Yankees the next night. The Yankees are well rested, have an advantage in the match-ups against these 2 teams, and have home court advantage.

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