How to beat the Tigers

Their is a big possibility that the Yanks will face the Tigers in the ALDS. So here is a scouting report on how to beat the Tigers.


Gerald Laird (.229 AVG/4 HR/32 RBI)
Miguel Cabrera (.329 AVG/32 HR/100 RBI)
Placido Polanco (.288 AVG/10 HR/71 RBI)
Brandon Inge (.228 AVG/27 HR/79 RBI)
Adam Everett (.235 AVG/3 HR/44 RBI)
Magglio Ordonez (.297 AVG/7 HR/42 RBI)
Curtis Granderson (.250 AVG/28 HR/68 RBI)
Carlos Guillen (.258 AVG/11 HR/40 RBI)
Aubrey Huff (.243 AVG/15 HR/85 RBI)

Marcus Thames (.250 AVG/13 HR/36 RBI)
Alex Avila (.276 AVG/5 HR/14 RBI)
Ramon Santiago (.272 AVG/7 HR/32 RBI)
Ryan Raburn (.286 AVG/14 HR/42 RBI)
Clete Thomas (.243 AVG/7 HR/39 RBI)

It's only Miguel Cabrera that gives an offensive threat. The rest of the line-up can be contained. There are a lot of holes in the Tiger's starting line-up that the Yanks' pitchers can take advantage of. Laird and Granderson are struggling against lefties. With CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte on the mound plus Coke and Marte on the Bullpen, Detroit's left handed batters will have a nightmare in the play-offs. Detroit can't seem to find a solution to the struggles against opponents left handed pitching.
The Yanks pitching and defense will dominate the Tiger's offense. Tiger's runs will be limited.


This is where it become scary. The Tiger's has a vicious starting rotation!

Starting Pitching:

Justin Verlander (3.41 ERA)
Edwin Jackson (3.36 ERA)
Rick Porcello (4.14 ERA)

But their bullpen has been horrible.


Eddie Bonine (4.60 ERA)
Ryan Perry (4.03 ERA)
Fu-Te Ni (2.70 ERA)
Jeremy Bonderman (9.00 ERA)
Zach Miner (4.31 ERA)
Bobby Seay (3.88 ERA)
Brandon Lyon (2.82 ERA)
Nate Robertson (5.56 ERA)

Fernando Rodney (4.35 ERA)

Here is the best solution to defeat Detroit's starting rotation. Make their pitch count high. Make their pitch 20 plus per inning. When they pass the ball to the bullpen that's the time we go crazy and score some runs. Just be patient and wait for a good pitch. The Yanks are deep with their line-up. Everybody can produce. We will score runs no matter what.

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