"Empire State of Mind"

The Yankees are in the right state of mind... the Empire State of Mind. Sung by rapper Jay-Z and Alicia Keys in Game 2 of the World Series in the New Yankee Stadium, the Yankees are confident to win it all at home.

The "Empire State of Mind" is part of a long tradition of songs that celebrate the Big Apple. And the Yankees are looking forward to their 27th World Series title.
Throw away those scouting reports and performance graphs. We are just relying on plain old instincts right now. We all know who is in the zone and who is struggling. We all know what this certain player can do and can't do.

Sometimes in a ball game, it is important not to give to much importance on statistics and just believe in faith. Everybody knows what the Phillies strengths and weaknesses are. And Philadelphia did all the scouting to find ways to defeat the Yankees. Every card is laid on the table. There's no element of surprise... not a monumental surprise. And there is an old saying that just to "Bring it on".

I am expecting the Yankees to finish this in Game 6 with reliable Andy on the mound. It is going to be a nice battle but we will be seeing the Yankees still standing once the dust is settled.

So have faith Yankees fans and just B-E-L-I-E-V-E! No. 27 will be on our hands. And just like in the Mastercard commercial:

A taxi to central=$5, A subway ticket to the stadium=$10, A ticket to the game=$30, See the Yankees win No. 27=Priceless. There's something money can't buy, for everything else there's the New York Yankees!

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