Why the Yankees should consider Jarrod Washburn

In terms of baseball, pitching is never enough. While the Yankees said to go easy this off-season compared to previous off-season, it is still a necessity to add a few more arms to help their rotation or their bullpen. As of today, the Yankees only have CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett as their starters. Andy Pettitte is still unsure of coming back (the Yankees better hope that he comes back) and the coaching staff his still studying the status of their young pitchers like Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes if they are capable to start next season.

What the Yankees need is a another starting pitcher to man the position in their 4th or 5th slot. One guy they should consider is Free Agent and 2002 World Series Champion Jarrod Washburn. Even with the age of 35 and his recent knee injury, Washburn can still be effective and provide stability in the Yankees back-end rotation. In his 12 year career, Washburn had only one serious injury and that happened in his stint with the Tigers where he blew off his knee and was required to have a surgery. But the doctors have cleared Washburn and he's ready to play this coming season.

Although Washburn is not as great as Roy Halladay and John Lackey, he will give something to the Yankees that the other 2 pitchers can't give --- A cheap contract. Washburn made $ 9.375 million last year and he is still looking for a new team. If no one in the league gives him an offer, the Yankees can give Washburn an offer sheet ranging from $ 5-7 million and 1-2 years contract.

Washburn specialty is his change-up and slider. He has established a diverse arsenal of fastballs (ranging from 84-94 mph). He is a lefty which gives the Yankees depth in their rotation with Sabathia and Pettitte (if he comes back) in their roster.

If the Yankees decide to place Joba and/or Hughes back in the bullpen next season, adding Washburn will help their cause.
The Yankees should consider adding Jarrod Washburn to their roster. He comes in cheap and can provide stability and experience to their ball club.

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