Yankees Wives No. 9


AJ Burnett has known to be good at times and wild at times. When Burnett is on, the opponents will have a hard time scoring a run. What makes Burnett successful this year? Was it Jose Molina? Burnett's personal catcher... No, I don't think so. It's AJ's guardian angel and wife Karen, who stood by him through thick and thin.

Karen and AJ Burnett lives year-round in her hometown of Baltimore with the couple’s two sons Ashton and AJ Jr. One fact about Karen is she hates to fly. So much so that it was said to affect AJ’s possible destinations as a free agent this past off-season (it's a good thing they signed with the Yankees). In AJ’s contract with the Blue Jays, Karen was guaranteed 8 roundtrip limo rides between Baltimore and Toronto per season. That's a lot of ride, and that is about a 9 hour trip each way, she must really hate to fly.

Living in Baltimore made easy for Karen to let his husband signed a contract with the Yankees. She doesn't need to take a plane to watch his husband in New York. You see, Wives play a major factor in contract signing. You get the wife, you get the husband.

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