Yankees Wives No. 3


The New York Yankees Designated Hitter and the World Series MVP Hideki Matsui is a silent and soft-spoken guy in public but on the baseball field Matsui let's his actions do the talking. Nicknamed Godzilla, Matsui breaths fire by putting up 100+ RBI's and 20 something home runs.

Matsui announced to the press on March 27, 2008 that he had married in a private ceremony in New York. His bride's name has not been announced, but it is reported that she was 25 years old and had been formerly working in a "reputable position at a highly respected company". They met in Japan after the 2006 off-season.

So who is this mystery lady? Is she afraid of the limelight? Or does she prefers a quite and simple life? Whatever it is, this lady gave Hideki the boost that he needed. Even with his aching knees, Matsui was still a major factor to the Yankees especially in the World Series where he had one home run and 6 RBI in Game 6 alone.

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