Scott Boras getting in Johnny Damon's way

Scott Boras, the blood sucking sports agent, who almost convinced Alex Rodriguez not to deal with the Yankees when his contract was opted out, is at it again.

Today Boras is telling Johnny Damon not to sign with the Yankees-- not until it reach Boras contract demands. Boras is demanding 3-4 years contract for his client Damon. That is something the Yankees can't afford even if they have the highest payroll in MLB.

We all love Johnny Damon. Since his arrival in 2006, the Yankees had a legitimate lead-off hitter and another offensive weapon to their line-up. Damon's got power and is suited nicely for the Yankees since he takes advantage of the Yankees Stadium short porch in right field. And even with his age, Damon can still steal bases and runs well in the base paths.
In the post-season, the Yankees relies on Damon's experience (winning 1 World Series with the Red Sox) and he brings maturity and tenacity on the ball club.

However, Damon is getting old (36 this year) and has recent injuries from his legs and hamstrings. Playing on the average of 142 games every year on his 15 year career brought some wear and tear to his once speedy and agile body. Plus he is a defensive liability in the outfield with a weak throwing arm.

And now Boras is dreaming and wants a contract for Damon similar to the Yankees captain Derek Jeter (for the record, Jeter will earn $21 million in 2010). And Boras even brag about his client that Damon has a body of a 30 year old. This guy must be nuts.

The Yankees wants to bring Damon back but on a 1-2 year contract and on the range of $ 6-8 million. That seems to be a "win-win situation" for both the Yankees and Johnny Damon. The Yankees will still be competitive and might repeat as champs in 2010 with Damon batting on the 2 hole and Damon will not only be getting his market value but he will have a chance to add another World Series ring to his collections.

But Scott Boras stands in their way. Boras wants a share of a pie. If only Damon would bypass his agent and talk directly to the Yankees (like what A-Rod did in 2007) then everything will be all right.

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