Yankees Wives No. 5


CC Sabathia is like a beast in baseball. Everyone is afraid of him. And why not, CC almost strike out batters that he face. CC, who won the 2007 AL Cy Young award, exhibits a good command of his pitches. He has four plus pitches: a fastball, slider, cutter, and a changeup. CC is the Yankees ace and top gun. Nobody can intimidate this 300 pound pitcher.

Only one person can control and constrain CC Sabathia. That person is no other than Amber Sabathia, CC's wife. Amber and CC were high school sweethearts when they were both growing up in Vallejo, California. And when they got married in 2003, they choose to reside in Fairfield, CA outside their hometown of Vallejo in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Did you know that Amber Sabathia was pressing her husband hard last off-season to sign with the hometown San Francisco Giants, so they would not have to move to another city, and it was rumored that CC only agreed to sign with the Yankees after Brian Cashman had a private sit-down with Amber to convince her that it was possible to raise kids in New York.

That is how powerful Amber is. More powerful than her 300 pound husband. With Amber's nod, CC signed with the Yankees and their family moved to a residence in Alpine, New Jersey.

Just imagine if Cashman was not able to convince Amber. It will be a total disaster. The Yankees won't be having their 27th World Series title without CC Sabathia in their roster.

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