Bidding War for Roy Halladay

The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees is probably the most talk rivalries in sports history. Ever since the time of Babe Ruth up to the acquisition of Mark Teixeira this two teams have been going at it for quite some time. Now they are at war for the services of Ace Roy Halladay.

Boston is much more desperate than the Yankees. They lost the Divisional Series this year to the Angels. Their Rotation is not that deep and injuries have hampered their chances of advancing to the ALCS. The Yankees on the other hand is thinking of reducing their payroll and is planning not to be aggressive as they were when they hired guys like CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett and Teixeira last season. Still getting Halladay wouldn't hurt. Even if Andy Pettitte comes back the Yankees need more depth in their rotation so that they won't do the risky "3 man rotation" which they did in the post-season.

AJ Burnett, the former Blue Jay and team mate of Halladay would be exhilarated to have Halladay on board. Roy Halladay was Burnett's mentor and Halladay was responsible for Burnett's success for teaching how to throw the right pitches at the right location. Halladay also taught Burnett how to avoid injuries and taking care of his health.

Roy Halladay is considered one the best pitcher in the game today and plays a Cy Young performance all season long. He is an incredibly gifted workhorse. He sets hitters up with his fastball, works the strike zone, and uses a lethal off-speed arsenal to put them away. Halladay is also incredibly durable, intense, and hard-working, he's truly the definition of an ace. Every team in baseball would definitely want him. But getting Halladay's services would cost heavily. Halladay is still in contract with the Toronto Blue Jays for 2010 and has full no trade clause. Toronto new GM Alex Anthopoulos said he is open for trade talks for their star pitcher but for a good price. Boston is offering Clay Buchholz plus more promising prospects in their farm.

If the Yankees wants to join, they should at least consider trading Joba Chamberlain and/or Phil Hughes. Toronto is also interested in other Yankee prospects like Jesus Montero, Austin Jackson and several young pitchers.

The Yankees must join the bidding war even if they are not seriously interested in getting Halladay. This is just to up the ante and value of Halladay and forcing the Red Sox to almost giving everybody away from their farm system.

If you would ask me, I would like to get Halladay. Having Halladay would almost be an insurance for the Yankees to grab their 28th World Series title. Halladay is known as a Yankee killer. His 18-6 record against the Bronx Bombers attests. If the Red Sox gets Halladay, that would spell disaster for the Yankees. So it would be best for the Yankees to get Halladay to give them a 20+ wins and not to bitter rival Red Sox. His salary would only cost $ 15.75 M in 2010. So you get him cheap for one year.

The problem is Halladay would be a Free Agent at the end of the 2010 season and would demand a bigger pay and longer contract. Even if Halladay deserves to get a large contract and the Yankees can afford him, the Yankees will have a behemothic payroll. Remember that Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera would also be Free Agents at the end of 2010 and the Yankees would definitely commit first to this two loyal and outstanding players. Can the Yankees fit Halladay in their payroll? I think not! Unless they want to go back to their over-spending days.

And why would the Yankees trade their young stars like Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes (even if they are not as great as Halladay) for a guy who the Yankees might lose to Free Agency at the end of 2010. Toronto also said that they are interested in Jesus Montero and they would want to add the youngster in the trade package. Montero might not have the catching skills but he is still young and his hitting power is "off the charts" and is something that the Yankees must keep. Halladay is turning 33 years old on May 2010. He is no spring chicken and have had some share of injuries. It is foolish for the Yankees to give away 4-5 promising guys for a 33 year old ace pitcher. The odds is not so good for the Yankees if they made the deal.

The best thing for the Yankees to do is to keep their young stars (Joba and Hughes) and prospects (Montero, A-Jax, etc.). They are still young and comes in cheap. Plus they have the potential of being a star in the league or at least contribute for the Yankees success.
The Yankees spend enough money last year to get talents like Sabathia, Burnett and Tex. This time it is wise for them to concentrate on using and developing Home-grown talents like Cano, Joba, and A-Jax. Balancing veteran leadership and young talents is essential and key for the Yankees to win it all.

As for Roy Halladay, let's just hope the Blue Jays wont strike a deal with the Red Sox. Because all the Yankees can do is to bluff and fool the Red Sox and hope that the Blue Jays would get a lot in return for a prize of just one pitcher.

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