Curtis Granderson can solve the Yanks' outfield problems

The Yankees have outfield problems this off-season. Melky Cabrera had a good turn-around season in 2009 compared to his disappointing season in 2008 but he still lacks the power and consistency and he doesn't steal bases a lot. Brett Gardner is fast and a base stealer threat but also lack home run prowess and just rely purely on his speed. 2009 acquisition Nick Swisher has power but he played miserable in the post-season. These 3 Yankee outfielders are good but not great.
Johnny Damon can help this guys but he is a free agent and might not come back due to Damon's agent Boras luxurious contract demands.
Hideki Matsui, the World Series MVP, is still a dangerous hitter, but his aching knees might be a burden for him to play the outfield. The DH spot is his only option (sharing time with Posada).

So what do the Yankees need to do to fill some holes in the outfield? One option; Detroit Tigers Curtis Granderson.
No, Granderson is not a free agent but the Tiger's GM Dave Dombrowski said they are willing to hear trade offers from other teams about their prized center fielder (although Granderson is not the player Detroit really wants to trade).
The Tigers are in a cost-cutting frame of mind and they have let other GM know that Granderson could be had for the right package.
Brian Cashman met with Dombrowski at the GM Meetings and the two discuss about their needs. They have a good relationship and have made significant trades before.

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