A-Jax for Curtis Granderson

See this picture? Remarkable play isn't it? That is Curtis Granderson, Detroit's All-Star center-fielder. You don't see that everyday from your center fielder. Because of Granderson's value and Detroit's economic problems, the center fielder has been the main piece of trade discussions nowadays. And who would not want to have the services of this All-Star, he is still young and has a reasonable salary and is under contract till 2012. He's got power and speed and plays good defense. The Tigers still want to keep Granderson but Detroit is in a hole financially and is open for trade offers.

The Yankees is one of the teams who are interested in Granderson. But who will the Yankees offer in return? Detroit is asking for Yankees top prospect Austin Jackson plus additional players. Some Yankee experts says that this is not going to be a wise move but if you give a deeper analysis to it I say it's a perfect move. As long as the Yankees don't throw in Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera and Jesus Montero, then they are in perfect shape to make the trade.

Remember that Austin Jackson is still a "prospect". Meaning it's just an expectation of something great, but not yet proven. A-Jax is amazing in the minor leagues but it's a whole new level once your in the majors. Ask that to former Yankees top prospects Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes. These two young pitchers are promising players and the Yankees have vision them to be No. 1 and No. 2 starter in their rotation in the future. In 2009, both of this pitchers were penciled to start in the rotation but the two of them ended up in the bullpen at the end of the season. You see it's a different game once your in the major league. The opponents are tougher, scouts are better, pressure is more intense, the crowd will eat you alive. Its a whole new level out there.

That is why the Yankees should strongly consider trading for Curtis Granderson. He is proven and has post-season experience. The Yankees might lose some promising players in their farm but they got something great in return. And the Yankees won't be missing A-Jax since Granderson also has the same skills. They both got speed, plays defense, covers a lot of field, strike out a lot, and has pretty good batting skills. Their only difference is Granderson has lot of MLB experience and has more power (30 HR in 2009).

The only key element here is who should the Yankees add to the Austin Jackson package. The Yankees should be careful on throwing away to much talent that they may lose in the long term. And Detroit want's to dumb expensive contracts to the deal. They are thinking of including Nate Robertson or Jeremy Bonderman to the package. Remember that the Yankees don't intend to spend heavily this off-season. The Yankees can get Detroit's unwanted players and trade them immediately to other teams for a prospect to save them some money.

The bottom line here is the Yankees should not waste this opportunity and try to get Curtis Granderson to remain competitive in the 2010 season.

So who would you pick Curtis Granderson or Austin Jackson?

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