Yankees Wives No. 8


Mark Teixeira is one of the biggest acquisition for the Yankees. Teixeira gave the Yankees an additional power in their line-up and gave A-Rod some protection by batting before him. Tex is also known for his defensive plays at 1st and has 2 Gold Glove award to his name. Again thank the wife.

It's Leigh Teixeira who made his husband Mark to sign a multi-deal contract with the Yankees (taking the slugger out of the Red Sox). Throughout his free agency, Teixeira solicited his wife's opinion and she kept saying, "I just want you to be happy," Teixeira recalled. On date night, Teixeira asked, "Everything's equal, where do you want to go? She finally said, 'I want you to be a Yankee.'"

That made Mark happy knowing he is going to play to a team where his idol Yankee legend Don Mattingly used to play. And now Mark Teixeira has the chance to make his mark to the Yankee tradition by playing 1st base (Mattingly played 1st base as well).

Guess who is the real boss?? I think Leigh might have to become Marks manager from now on, she really knows best. It was one of Marks dreams to play for the Yankees so Leigh just gave him the push he needed!

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